The Ten Themes of Biology:external image flower.jpg

-emergent properties
-heritable information
-structure and function
-interaction with the environment
-unity and diversity
-scientific inquiry
-science, technology, and society

The Chemical Context of Life

Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass
Matter consists of elements
-the smallest unit that retains the properites of an element
-can combine to form molecules
-these can exist by themselves in a pure form, or
Atoms consist of protons (+), neutrons, and electrons (-)
Atoms consist of protons (+), neutrons, and electrons (-)

-they can combine to form compounds

About 25 elements are required for life, including:

The behavior of an element--and its biological function--is affected by its atomic structure

weak chemical bonds play important roles in the chemistry of life

chemical reactions make and break chemical bonds

Here is a periodic table